Minimalist Escape

Minimalist Escape. That's Festive Fashion Blog.

I’ve been¬†extremely drawn to the minimalist trend this year. I’ve always been the type of girl to prefer baggy clothing to fitted outfits; there’s just something appealing about a woman who can make something look great that could easily look … Continue reading

Bells and Cords

Bells and Cords. That's Festive Fashion Blog.

I’m a free spirit by nature. I love styles¬†that represents the 60’s and 70’s and their hippie/bohemian looks. Needless to say, bell bottoms, corduroys, and oversized blouses (plus bangs) make me feel like myself. I’m also a huge fan of … Continue reading

Navy and Fur

This winter has been cold enough for me to pull out some of my grandmother’s old coats and I’m absolutely loving it. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a vintage freak. I prefer the old over the new any day. … Continue reading